Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jewelry Sale!

Getting rid of all my already made jewelry and making room for the new stuff! All items only have one in stock unless otherwise stated!


Pumpkins and Leaves

Hello Kitty

A request that was never picked up.

My favorite!

Star Bracelet

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


As you probably have read from this post, I've been busy. Might explain the lack of new items.

But exciting news!

I'm planning on completely changing my jewelry line around. I'm not going to be focusing on crystal pendants as much anymore, I just find it hard to come up with things when there's a limited amount of designs for the crystals. I'm still going to use them in my pieces but they're not going to be the only thing on them, get what I'm saying?

Which means, everything I've already made has to go. I'll be putting up all of the pieces for sale soon and everything has to go! So I can get started on the new stuff!

I'm still going to be working on my Disney collection as planned and my Wicked/Wizard of Oz collection as semi planned. With this new change, I've come up with a bunch of holiday idea's! I'm excited :D

Sadly, I havent mastered wire wrapping so my excitement is probably going to die down a little when it comes time to wire wrap LOL. We'll see! Hopefully I get it down quick! Hey. If Martin can do it perfect in 3 tries, I can do... right?! Hehe.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Requests + Fall + Disney preview.


Someone requested this as a Jacob inspired piece.

Because by now you should know I like playing with crystals!
I cant get over how PRETTY this crystal is!

My good friend Mae wanted a crown with a black or purple star.
I didnt have a purple star, but I had a light purple starfish.
These are just up for her to choose one.

I love the Jet crystals but I hate how plain they look!

Her boyfriend asked if I had any crosses and I didnt. I'm not very religious. I spent some time searching for a non girly looking cross and I actually think this one looks really neat. I just have to make it more "manly" but how do you make a necklace look more manly?!


My first set of earrings (besides the attempt). Incomplete. I thought I had bought some gold earring hooks but I guess I didnt! I dont know how I feel about these, anyone interested? Should I make more?

Not big on gold (I'm allergic to them on my ears). But I'm actually really liking this bracelet!

Another view, I love the way the leaves feel on your skin!



I know it's not the best preview ever, but I dont wanna give away all the good stuff! I'll be making a whole separate post for that when everything's completed. I'm also going to be attempting a Wizard of Oz inspired set. We'll see how this goes!

As always, if you're interested in anything or would like to make a request, dont hesitate to ask!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How rude!

I was at my local bead store yesterday in search of cord necklaces, a guy friend of mine requested something and pretty silver chain isnt manly enough for me. So while I was there, it seems as though they released a few Halloween themed charms, after the crowd of people died down, I went to go see what they had up.

The display in front of it showed earrings made of beads that looked a lot like pumpkins. The leaf was a bead that was wire wrapped on top and the wire curled under and over the leaf bead. They were really pretty. So I went to search for the naked pumpkin bead. WELL. One of the ladies that were there took ALL of them! She left one. Seriously, you're gonna leave just one why not just take them all!!

I grabbed the last one but I put it back cause seriously, what am I gonna do with one bead? Ugh, I dont know, that just frustrated me.

But I did get what I went there for (I always get so excited that I forget and trail off into something else lol) and I got some fancy chain that I'm going to be playing with and yahhh.... I was thinking of making gold-ish jewelry for Fall cause I mean... its fall. But I'm allergic to gold so that might explain why all of my stuff is in sterling silver. But I figure I can let a few gold things slide for Fall.

I'm going to be working on the Disney inspired stuff today and I probably wont post anything about it up until everything is done (or mostly done, depending on how excited I get). I'm a little bummed I dont have anything Alice related, I have a few idea's but its finding the supplies for those idea's that's the hard part.

I'm on a wild search for witch hats (I love witch hats) and I'm having a hard time finding ones I can afford, just because you slap "Harry Potter" in the front doesnt mean you can add an extra to the price! My cousin is sending me some crystals from the Philippines, so I'm excited to get those too!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Marie - 1 ; Wire - 3.

Spent the day attempting to wire wrap again. And again, the wire won. Not only did the wire win but I also managed to crack my glass leaf bead. Didnt look good, at all. But hey at least now I know they're shatter-able. Yeah, I know, it shoulda been a given (glass bead) but I'm just trying to make myself feel better!!

I got the Disney inspired charms in and now that I have them (and have spent a crap load of time staring at them) I completely forgot what I had in mind. A lot of the things I planned to do with them requires me to wire wrap. Oh come on! I'm gonna have to learn this sooner or later!! Might as well just suck it up and make it sooner.

I've been watching a ton of videos and reading a bunch of books and some how I still just dont get it! Then again I learn better if someone is actually showing me, in person. So Martin is determined to do it, and teach me how (as he is with every hobby I acquire, isnt he the sweetest). I might just make him pre wire wrap all my stuff before he leaves for boot camp LOL. No, that would be mean... but I mean he is gonna be gone for six months. Might as well help me somehow LOL!

I did manage to make the Hello Kitty necklace I had in mind for awhile now.

I have two of these up for sale. $18 each =).

My fall collection isnt going so smoothly, I've been too caught up in the Disney one to think of anything else (sorry Fall)! But I am trying to put together some Fall earrings and a few more necklaces. I found the first one I made to be too distracting. I'm going to change it up a little bit. And maybe make something a little more simple. But it does look really nice when you're wearing it!

I've been putting some thought into what I want my jewelry to look like. I love the crystals because I'm addicted to colors and things that shine but I want something that reflects who I am and something that you could relate to. See, this is why I dont make stuff because everything has to be so damn epic with me all the time! Haha. But what fun would things be with no story, right?

Christmas isnt exactly my favorite holiday. I have a love/hate thing going on with it so I wont be coming up with any Christmas stuff. But winter is also one of my favorite seasons so I will be coming up with a few winter inspired things. We'll see...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Three new pieces!

My first necklace for Fall. Not sure how I feel about this just yet... I'm trying to think of other things I can make, its a little harder than I thought it would be since there arent many crystals to choose from.

Matching earrings I made for Mae's necklace. The hooks were too big to work with so I trimmed them like the bead lady told me to, but I think I trimmed them slanted so they dont close straight anymore =\ lame. Its okay though, it was my first attempt at making earrings. These are cute, now if only I could get the hooks on right. I bought another set of hooks, so I'm gonna try again... after I come up with a better battle plan lol.

I wanted a simple necklace for myself so I made this. I am IN LOVE with this crystal! Its sooo pretty! I had a hard time picking a bail since the other ones I tried to pair it with ruined the fact that it was a heart crystal. Even with the one I picked you cant tell its a heart, which kinda bothers me.

I made an extra one of these so if you're interested let me know =).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crystal searching.

I got two new shipments of crystals that came in late last week and I had a few things in mind but I also bought some stuff yesterday. I was wondering, when those of you who make jewelry what things to you put into consideration when you're searching for crystals? Do you buy whatever looks cute? Or do you have a certain project in mind when you buy your crystals? Sometimes I do both, or sometimes something will kinda put itself together while I'm there, but a lot of the time I buy things that I think are cute and I get home an I have nothing to pair it with! Grrr.

I had a few Fall idea's in mind (like I've been mentioning over and over again) and now that I have the crystals I totally forgot what I had in mind!! Haha. I hate when that happens. I usually write it down, but sometimes I forget to write down the details. I usually just write down the supplies which sometimes, are no help at all. I kinda just wish I had a bigger selection of things to work with, which I dont since jewelry making isnt exactly cheap.

Also! When you make bracelets, what do you use? I have wire but I dont know if that's the right thing to use? A friend of mine asked me to make her a bracelet and I have no idea what to use to hold it all together.

Hopefully I think of something new today, I need to put some new things out. And I'm having a mini jewelry sale (as in 2 items lol) or I might just wait til my new stuff comes out. Havent really decided just yet...